I can’t express how much I believe that everything happens for a reason. The people we meet, the moments we encounter, it all contributes to sculpting who we’ll become one day.

At 24 I have encountered more life changing decisions than I care to remember . 

I am thankful for every experience I have had in my life; good or bad. I am learning to be more self aware, aware of how I treat others and more conscious of how others treat me.

We all experience situations differently and we get so caught up in our own emotions that we forget that we’re not the only ones going through shit.


Happily ever afters…

They’re so intoxicating.

They say that you’ll never truly be happy until you “find yourself” you’ll never be able to love anyone until you love yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I think that’s true but we’re constantly changing, constantly growing and striving to be better than our “previous versions”. I don’t think we ever truly find ourselves. I know its corny, but it really is a never ending journey.

So in 2019, I am surrounding myself with people who want to grow with me, people who take time to understand me and who give me the chance to understand them. We should encourage each other to be the best versions of ourselves. At the end of the day, I want the people I care about to be happy and to basically live their best lives.

Here’s to growing…

Laters Stella


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