A garden in the sky

Hi lovies,

During my London adventures, myself and Denise went to Sky Garden, it’s basically a bush in the sky with a 360 view of London. I’ve been there once before but it was her first time going. They were fully booked but they do allow walk-ins from 7am-10am. We got to the “walkie-talkie tower” at 9am, luckily there was no queue, which was quite odd. Last time I went, there was a queue all the way out the door. Went through airport tight security and finally took the elevator up to floors 35-37.

After looking around for a bit we started hearing jungle noises, (coming from our stomachs) so we went to the sky pod bar and ordered cake for breakfast. I figured that being that high up in the sky had to diminish calories in some way, so it was okay to indulge.

Denise took some pretty cool photos of me (she has serious skills that aunty of mine) and didn’t seem to get embarrassed at all when I swirled around like a wannabe Marylin Monroe. Here comes the best part! You get to go outside onto their balcony (I didn’t get to do this the previous time), theres literally just a piece of glass between you and a 155m drop. It’s quite exciting to be honest, but scary at the same time.

After bonding a over the thickest hot chocolate we’ve ever had, we headed out. When we got to the exit, we were greeted by a queue of over 70 people waiting to enter. I giggled like a little schoolgirl, so if you take anything away from this post it’s that you should get there early to avoid the rush.

We had so much fun, if you’re ever in London, I would definitely recommend going there.

Laters xo



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