Bee’s August Favs


Hi everyone! So here are my favorite products for the month of August…



Chocolate Mud Mask (clicks)

-Helps to deeply cleanse your skin

-For all skin types

-The sent is amazing


Cleanse face with warm water and pat dry. Apply mask evenly with fingertips, avoiding eyes, lips and hair. Leave on for 10-15min, then rinse off any residue with water.

This mask is a winner! Leaves your skin feeling smooth and velvet-soft.

(You can do this once a week or even once a month)



Palmers-Coconut Oil Formula with Vitamin E.

-Deep conditioning-Protein pack

-Restores and replenishes dry, damaged hair with coconut milk, keratin & silk protein.

-No sulfate

-No parabens


Once or twice a week, after shampooing, distribute evenly through hair, focusing on the ends. Leave for 10-20min.Rinse thoroughly.



Oh So Heavenly-Love your lips

Chocolate caress; one of my favs-Chocolate praline bubble balm


Roll over lips. Repeat as desired.

I love the smell! It leaves my lips feeling soft and pampered. I use it daily. I also have the Strawberry Smooch and Vanilla Cupcake ones.



Elegant Touch-Constellation

Rose gold

-24 pack nails

-10 sizes

-Just stick on with glue

(I used my own strong nail glue, not the glue that is included.)


  1. Pick out your nail sizes, push back your cuticles
  2. Buff nails gently with file(included)
  3. Clean nails with acetone
  4. Apply glue on nails and place it on your nails one by one
  5. Press down and hold for 4-6 sec
  6. Avoid glue touching skin

And there you have it, quick and easy nails for a night out.



Eyelure London – Lengthening –Pre glued Lashes

-Instant Application



I used black lash glue on mine; I wanted to make sure they stay on all day.


  1. Cut length of lash against eye
  2. Cut away excess length from outer edge(if any)
  3. Place lash on skin just above natural lash
  4. Re position if needed then press and hold lash in place with tweezers


Hold lash at the inner edge and pull away gently.

Spare glue strip:

Hold lash and peel away the used glue strip. Taking the lash holder in hand, press the band of the lash against the replacement glue strip and press until stuck firmly. Gently pull away lash with the new glue strip attached.



Brow Pencil – Maybelline Brow Satin

Dark brown

-Easy to use; one side is a fine retractable pencil and on the other side a sponge like tip with powder on.

Every time you screw the cap on it twists into the powder.


Shape your brow using the pencil side and make a few hair like strokes and then blend with the powder sponge tip.

No fuss, love it.

Note; do not press too hard on the fine pencil it will break.



Until next time xoxo


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