Cape Town April 2016

I recently flew down to Cape Town for my friend’s birthday. The flight there was rather interesting, the pilot shared quite a few facts with us, eg. How much fuel is used during takeoff and climb phases. (Obviously I forgot the figures but I promise, I was amazed in the moment by how much it is.)


I met my friends at the arrivals terminal but before even getting a, “hello” or a “how was the flight”
Ayesha threw me with the keys and instructed me to drive. I spent the entire week playing chauffer, like her own personal Uber, Buber if you will. (get it? not funny I know). We went to pick up Kristen, went straight to Cavendish, plopped down in Col’Cacchio and stuffed our faces with so much pizza till the sun came down.

The following two days I got to catch a glimpse of what it’s like to be a student at UCT, without all the stress of course. They are definitely blessed with one of the prettiest Universities I’ve ever seen!
*Good luck with your exams guys!

After Uni we went to Ayesha and Kristen’s favorite lunch spot. It’s called Happy Chopsticks, I ‘ve never had Chinese before so you can imagine that I was quite excited. They ordered me a Chicken Chow Mein… Never in my life have I had a culinary experience quite like this. Have you ever felt sad from eating food? Well that’s how that particular dish made us feel, SAD! From now on I will refer to it as Sad Chopsticks. So naturally after that experience I devoured a slab chocolate by myself in the hopes of finding my happiness once again.

We went to Fatima’s to try on dresses for Ayesha’s party and might I just add that her mom makes the best food. After lots of laughs and trying on multiple dresses I finally found the one (The One… Talking like it’s my wedding dress shame!) It was a navy blue, long bodycon dress with mesh sleeves and a slit up to my knee. We also had an ice cream adventure, Ayesha and Fatima had a sword fight with a flake ice cream. I have a video of this but they would not be happy if I posted it haha! Super entertaining though.

While doing party prep I risked my life, hanging up the fairy lights. It was about a 10m drop, and I was doing it in socks. Not very clever when you’re on a smooth, slippery wall. They looked so cute so the risk was worth it, shame!

Princess Ayesha’s birthday was so much fun. We started the day off with a brunch, went to Tygervalley to get the balloons. (Can I just say that there is nothing more satisfying that walking through a mall with a bunch of balloons, well until you get outside of course, getting them to fit in the car with the wind blowing is a nightmare)

The night of the party I did about 4 peoples make up and some’s hair. We made it just in time for the speeches as I still had to get ready myself. I came, I saw, I contoured.
Every single person in attendance looked insanely beautiful! Princess Ayesha had two outfit changes, she looked magical. It was an epic night. I was tired as hell afterwards; I took my plate, stacked with cake and headed to the room for some Z’s…

On my last day we went to The Waterfront, I got so excited when I saw that they had a MAC event there. We ate and explored a bit. After lunch we headed to Sea Point to get a few snaps, messed around on those famous glasses and chased puppies.



We met up with Ricki-Lee and her crew, and I have to say, they are definitely some of the coolest people I have ever met. They took me to indulge in my first gatsby!! I had no idea what a gatsby was but jinne, was it lekker! The night ended with wine and a few rounds of karaoke. I had so much fun!

The weather was a bit annoying, so we didn’t end up going to Kirstenbosch. It’s at the top of my list for my next visit though.

Until my next adventure

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