Durban April 2016

Hi everyone! So I went to Durban for a week and oh boy did I have fun in the sun.

On the very first day I got such a bad sunburn (just my luck), but that didn’t stop me from making the most of my vacation. (Although in a week or two I’ll be scaling like a lizard.)
I think I gained a kilo or three haha; we had the most amazing food and went to the cutest shops. It was definitely a vacation to remember…

We went to a little shop on the beach called ‘Baggies’ and ate the most amazing bunny chows. Durbanites sure know how to make a mean curry.

I took so many pictures of the ocean it’s insane. There is nothing better than spending time with loved ones. I spent my days on the beach, feeling the wind in my hair, with my toes in the sand.
Long walks on the beach, playing giant chess games, Frisbee…. It filled my days with so much joy.

There is something so relaxing about being at the beach and looking out onto the sea..

MONDAY: We spent the day at the beach, tanning (too much) and running around with the Frisbee.

TUESDAY: We drove around Durban doing shopping and trying to stay out of the sun after burning pink the previous day. We also went to a place called “The Gardens”, a beautiful park.

WEDNESDAY: We were back at the beach, watching the waves whilst sitting on the biggest rock we could find. (The most relaxing spot)

THURSDAY: We spent the day at the resort’s swimming pool, later that afternoon we went to Warner beach where we found the Best Bunny chow place in Durbz, a cute little shop on the beach called ”Baggies”.

Friday: We packed and embarked on the journey back to JHB, we drove through a beautiful nature reserve then we made a stop at Clarens and did some shopping. We decided to spend the rest of the day at my boyfriend’s family’s house in Bethlehem and stayed the night.

Saturday: We woke up and ate breakfast and left for JHB.

Until I post again toodels.
Bee xoxo


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