Lion and Safari Park

Hi Lovies,

I’m listening to Africa by Toto as I write this post, music sure brings back memories!


A little over a month ago we had a family safari day, we went to the Lion & Safari Park and the Elephant Sanctuary. I can’t even explain how much fun I had. I’ve been there before, three times to be exact and I thought that it would be a “been there done that” experience by now. Surprise-surprise it was just as magical as the previous times, if not more. You’d think that I would know by now that wearing shoes that cover your feet is quite an important thing to remember. There was a… not so little cub who stared at my open heels like they were two sirloin stakes, I was so nervous I let out a few shrilly yelps. Looking back, it’s funny but in the moment it was quite terrifying.

My favourite part of the safari was Emma’s face every time the 4×4 shook, boy oh boy, it was a bumpy ride.

After the safari we walked to one of the restaurants for lunch; they have the best milkshakes in the world, I really recommend you have one when you go. We were chatting about life and enjoying our food when suddenly a giraffe tried stealing my pizza. Yes, it’s a funny situation but it’s quite scary when a giraffe’s head casually pops up next to yours. I got up and rescued my pizza, Mr Giraffe didn’t look too happy with me but I saved him from the extra calories, right?


Be sure to check out my post on our Elephant sanctuary experience.

Laters x


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