Saying goodbye to 2016

I don’t know why but there’s something magical about welcoming a new year. It holds so much promise and excitement that I completely get caught up in it. It makes you want to do and be better. I would say that the only annoying thing about a new year is that the gyms are always packed. Luckily that doesn’t last long because most people chuck the fitness resolution in the bin by March.

We started planning our blog in September 2015 and by January 2016 we finally decided to create it, we were so excited. Soon after we celebrated my 22nd birthday. I can’t believe I turned 22 already! Birthday celebrations are always so much fun. Another exciting thing that happened is that our friend, Jacqi came to visit from Sweden in February!

Ultra was a two day event this year with some of the best local and international talent. I remember trying to dodge the rain on the first evening but we eventually got so excited by the music that we just danced in the rain. The one thing I can say is that if you’re going “bos” in front of the main stage, expect people to step on your toes. I had so much fun that night. Ultra is a must for us every single year.


Across the ocean my cousin Emma turned 1. We would have given anything to be there, but unfortunately London isn’t a 40minute drive away. She is the cutest little human alive and she genuinely brings so much joy to our lives without even realising it.

During the last week of April, I flew down to Cape Town for my friend’s birthday. Princess Ayesha and let me tell you, everyone at that party absolutely slayed. I stayed there for a week and met some of the coolest people ever. 10 days after I got back from Cape Town I was on my way to London to visit my favourite person on this entire planet, meet my cousin Emma for the first time ever and spent some time with my cool aunt and uncle. It was my first time traveling alone to a different country and I wasn’t even nervous, too excited to explore I guess. Bianca on the other hand was a stress case and didn’t sleep till I let her know that I was safe. Ollie thanks for being my Dora the explorer! London was amazing to say the least, I made so many memories in the little time that I was there. I want to travel more; I just need to find a way to get more leave days.

Then there’s Elfie, Penny, Percy, Fuzzy Lumpkin and Buddy Love. The first three are our hedgehogs and Fuzzy and Buddy are our guinea pigs. We’ve had them for a little over a year now and they’re still as cute as ever. I never knew that a hedgehog could sneeze or yawn until Elfie did. It was so noenoes! When I started writing this post I had no idea that we’d be welcoming chocolate, our bulldog, to the family, he’s been with us for exactly one week today and he’s the cutest little cuddle buddy ever!

In September, my family from Australia and London came to visit. We had loads of fun with them and it was amazing to see little Emma again. Ever since I could remember I’ve wanted to be like my aunts and uncles. They are some of the best people I know and I’m very lucky to have them in my life. I wish someone would invent a teleportation device already, I need to see them more often. I also spent a lot of time with my ouma and oupa this year. They’re always there to give me a hug when I need one. They’re also two of the smartest and funniest people I know, I love them so much.

The day I had to say bye to Emma was also the day I got to say Hi to Ollie. Adventure time with him is the best. After a day in Jozi we went back to Cape Town. On the day that we touched down I suggested that we went to Camps Bay. Boy-oh-boy was I glad that we did. We witnessed the most amazing sunset that I personally have ever seen, after that we went to food inn (the best Indian cuisine in South Africa. Cape Town was amazing! Side note *MOVE THERE ASAP!!!

When we got back we immediately went to the Lion Park, cuddled lions and I left with a scratch on my arm thanks to a little hyper Simba. One of my favourite things to do is to watch Olls get excited over something. That boy is the best, when I count my blessings, I count him twice.

All I can say is that I hope all of you hold on the positives of the past year and that you learnt from all your mistakes. At the end of the day you’re alive and kicking, that’s something to be grateful for. Keep doing your best and be the best you, you can be.


Here’s to 2017 xox



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