SwiitchBeauty #SlaysForDaysPalette

Hi Lovies!

We decided to purchase the SlaysForDaysPalettes on SwiitchBeauty’s birthday sale, delivery  took a while though. When we finally got the palettes we couldn’t wait to try them and see what all the hype was about. We were so excited that we even filmed our review video during one of the famous Jozi thunderstorms.



We did a pretty basic look, during our first run, but over the past few days we have been experimenting with a lot more colours in the palette. We were quite happy with the pigment, the shadows blend really well, there is a tiny bit of fall out, but nothing too annoying (we have tried a lot of eyeshadow palettes and a lot of them have a lot of fall out and they blend with difficulty). Overall it is an amazing palette & we would definitely recommend it. We would like to compare it to the Morphe palette, seeing that it looks similar.


We cannot wait to see what palettes they come up with next. Be sure to check out our Instagram, to see which looks we create using this crazy-beautiful palette, over the next few weeks.


Until next time

Stella & Bee

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