The Elephant Sanctuary

Hello Sunshines,

As I mentioned in my previous post, we had a safari day last month and it was one of the best days of my life. I’ve been feeling a bit off over the past few months and being surrounded by my family really helped me bounce back into my bubbly self. I sort of went into hibernation mode (from my usual antics) and only hung out with them for the few weeks that they were here. I can’t even begin to explain how amazing it is to see the people you love after years and years. They came for Bianca’s wedding, all the way from Australia and London, we have amazing aunties and uncles hey?

Anyway let me get on with it..

We went to the Elephant Sanctuary in Hartebeespoort, I’ve been there before too, they really treat the elephants with love and respect. We were told that it was like a rehabilitation centre for them so supporting them really helps the Dumbos, hence me going back there.

Emma was so excited to see them, she spoke about it every day before we went. But as soon as she saw how big they were in real life she created an invisible line, about 10m away from them, that she refused to cross. It was quite a mission taking photos of her, she did not want to turn her back on them.

I got the cutest pic of two elephants hugging, real love does exist people!

We fed the “little” noenoes, got to touch them as we learned a few facts and took them for a stroll around the park. They even gave my Aussie uncle and Aunt a ride. I was way too scared to, obviously..

It was an all round perfect day, I can’t wait to go visit the fam!

Adventure time with them is the best.

Love ya fam x

(Dankie vir alles)


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